About Feel & Flourish

You have the right to feel, and the courage to flourish. We all have feelings for a reason. They are necessary for growth, connection, and survival. Too often, emotions are suppressed, avoided, or even stigmatized. We can easily feel afraid of and controlled by our emotions. This response to emotions can be destructive to an individual and to society as a whole. It takes strength to express emotions and courage to be vulnerable. A healthy relationship with your feelings leads to better decision making, more effective communication, stronger connections with others, and an increased ability to cope with stress and anxiety. 

Feel and Flourish Counseling Collective, LLC is a privately owned counseling center located in Springfield, Missouri. We are an intentionally small collective of counselors so that we can provide highly individualized and quality services to our clients. Our mission is to support clients in recognizing the value of their emotions while empowering them to flourish through genuine connection and empathy. Our services include EMDR and Individual Counseling for adults and adolescents.

We hope that Feel & Flourish is an environment where you can feel comfortable, safe, and understood. We want to be a place where counseling is tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Counseling is a very personal and meaningful endeavor, it would be our pleasure to be a part of that experience.