Our Counselors

Meet Jillian

Compassion has always been at my core. My own personal experiences, trauma, and mental health journey taught me that therapy isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. I’m here to help teens and adults navigate their quest to healing.

Seeking therapy can be an overwhelming, yet relieving step. It takes courage. It’s important to feel heard and connected to your therapist. I tailor therapy to your individual needs and experiences. My therapeutic approach is far from rigid; it’s an art that blends my professional training with the power of creativity. Therapy should be a collaborative, holistic healing process. Beyond conventional methods, I also utilize my expertise and lived experience to provide specialized support. When you’re dealing with specific struggles, having a therapist who has specialized training and personal experience can make a huge difference–they “get it” and can offer insight that training alone cannot. I have found this to be especially true for my ADHD clients, especially those who are late-diagnosed, and for my adoptee clients.

My hope is to make therapy feel comfortable so my clients can explore the complexities of their everyday lives, and be empowered to make positive changes. I want clients to feel safe to unmask and embrace the full you.

My “hero’s journey” began with a passion for helping others, which led me to the social work field. I received both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work prior to becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of Missouri. Throughout my professional career I’ve received advanced training in multiple trauma-focused treatment approaches such as PCIT, EMDR therapy, and for attachment-related wounds.

I strive to continually learn and provide an inclusive, neurodiversity-affirming approach for all my clients. For my geeks and gamers, I offer an affinity-based model approach that incorporates your fandoms and interests into the therapeutic process. Think of it like expansion pack content integrated within the traditional models. As an adoptee, my call to adventure led me to have a strong connection with the unique dynamics and challenges of the adoption constellation. Whether you were adopted as a child or are struggling as a caregiver, I would consider it a privilege to help navigate symptoms stemming from attachment-related issues.

My areas of expertise include:

 -Anxiety Disorders

 -Trauma & PTSD

 -Attachment & Adoption


 -Geek Therapy

 -Women’s Issues

This is where your quest begins…roll initiative.

Meet Sarah

It was my own personal struggles with mental health and trauma at a young age that set things in motion towards my purpose. Things clicked into place when I took my first psychology class in high school. All of my past experiences, my strengths and interests, and my personality aligned to form a flashing red arrow towards counseling. I love those “click” moments; when two puzzle pieces fit snugly together and you see a new part of the picture. Those insights are a necessary catalyst for growth and healing.

A good fit is especially important when it comes to the counseling relationship. Counseling is challenging because it requires vulnerability. For that reason, you need to feel safe and connected with your counselor. I would consider it a privilege to help you with any emotional or mental burdens. I am committed to being a safe person, someone you can ask the hard questions with and someone who will remain present with you through the difficult emotions. I believe that laughter can be just as cathartic as tears and I love finding creative solutions to help my clients. I believe that you have a unique purpose. Helping people better understand themselves, connect to their strengths, and be able to pursue their own purpose without constraint gives meaning to my life.

I have a Master’s of Science degree in Counseling Psychology and am certified in EMDR. I continue to invest in the counseling field in various capacities through adjunct teaching, providing training, and licensure supervision. I have a special interest in both adults and adolescents who have experienced trauma, difficult transitions, or just feel overcome by stress or anxiety.

My areas of expertise include:

-Anxiety Disorders

-Trauma and PTSD

-Dissociative Disorders


-Women’s Issues

-Third Culture Kids (TCK’s) or other individuals who had transitory childhoods