60 minute individual therapy session$100
90 minute individual therapy session$150
Group Sessions (60 minutes)$35
*Intensives are used in special circumstances when prolonged, concentrated sessions would be helpful or more appropriate. If this is something you may be interested in or would like more information, please reach out to your F&F Counselor.

Please note: We are self-pay only and the full amount of payment is due at the time of your session. We do not accept any insurance. Cash and/or card is accepted. Secure card payments can be arranged in advance or through AutoPay in our Client Portal system. You may be able to seek reimbursement on your own through your insurance using our invoices by categorizing us as an out-of-network provider, but this is not guaranteed.

Why are you “self-pay” only?

Insurance has very specific requirements that put limits on the therapeutic process. Insurance providers often require an official diagnosis in order to justify treatment. This is added to your medical record and may be visible to all insurance and health providers. While we advocate to end the stigma on mental health, we are aware the stigma is still very much active in the health field.

While adding the benefit of privacy, we understand that self-pay can be a financial challenge. We strive to compensate for that by keeping our fees below state and national averages.